About TMD


Ready to launch a startup, a new product line, and/or generate more interest in your existing company? TMD creates marketing and advertising solutions that promote awareness and SELL your products, services, message, and brand. We achieve this with three, straight-forward steps (the Ready, Aim, Fire* approach, as opposed to ‘fire, ready, aim,’ marketing method often used today):

1. READY: IDENTIFY THE TARGET MARKET/S. Fortune 500’s to Startups to Non-Profits, companies must advertise to grow. Effective marketing focuses on the features & benefit (real and/or perceived) of your products/services that fulfill the needs of the projected market, and is essential to creating ‘buzz.’

2. AIM: CREATE VISUALLY ARRESTING MARKETING THAT SPEAKS TO TARGET. To get your message heard, first you have to get noticed. TMD creates dynamic identities, engaging websites, social media campaigns, corporate and direct communications, mobile marketing and more designed to solicit response from your particular audience. We create advertising and marketing material that commands attention, with consistent branding across all media.

3. FIRE: LAUNCH MARKETING CAMPAIGN. Every page on every website, all advertising—mobile, online or print, to full marketing campaigns has a CTA (call to action) to achieve the greatest response and motivate action from your target audience.

Email TMD to address your needs in depth, and review solutions to promote the growth of your business. 

*RAF Marketing Method from the Lean Startup Entrepreneural series, available here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07L9LC8NS